Begin your Glimpse at the touch of a button
Press the + button to start a new Glimpse. Choose from landscape, portrait, or square orientations (Glimpse shoots in all three), and then tap the record button to capture your first moment.


Adjust moment lengths
Long-tap or 3D touch the record button to change the default shot-length of your moment. (Note that changing the lengths is a Pro feature).


Set focus
When in capture mode, tap anywhere on the screen to focus the camera.

When in capture mode, spread your fingers on the screen to zoom in; pinch to zoom out. A zoom indicator will also appear at the top of the screen. Drag the circle to zoom in and out.


Reveal options
Swipe left on the thumbnail of your Glimpse to reveal the options to lock, set reminders, edit, and delete.

To keep from accidentally deleting or adding to your Glimpse, tap the lock button. To unlock your Glimpse, swipe left on the thumbnail and tap the unlock button.

Tap the the alarm button in the options panel to set a reminder. Set the frequency (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly), the start date, and start time to begin. Glimpse will send the first reminder on the day and time you select, and remind you with the frequency you’ve determined.


Delete a moment
To remove a moment, tap and drag the thumbnail up and out of the timeline and release or long tap a thumbnail to reveal a button to remove it.


Rearrange moments
To re-arrange your moments, tap and drag a thumbnail to another position within the timeline. (Re-arranging moments is a pro feature.)


Trim moments
Long-tap or 3D touch a thumbnail when in editing mode to reveal the scissors icon. Trim a moment by tapping the scissors, and then dragging either the left or the right edges of the moment container to select the part you want to keep.


Auto-save moments
Toggle auto-saving moments by tapping the three lines in the upper left hand corner of the app, and then turning it on in the preferences. With auto-save on, you won't have to review new moments when capturing them. They're automatically saved to your Glimpse.

Lock screen widget
Create a new Glimpse or add to your last Glimpse directly from the lock screen. Find the widget by scrolling to the bottom of the lock screen and tapping “Edit”. Add it by tapping the green + sign from the “Add widget” screen.


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